As a result of cybercrimes, the
global economy is losing about $ 114 billion.
In the first half of 2017 alone, the
volume of leakage of personal and financial data
grew 8 times – from 1.06 billion to 7.78 billion records.

  • Data theft and hacking of personal information
  • Data loss
  • Physical hacking
  • Protecting your information
    today and tomorrow

    In the near future, a quantum computer
    will be able to crack almost
    all existing types of ciphers.
    That is why today it is necessary
    to solve the problems of data protection.
    IDM solved this problem.

    Secure data storage is a must

    A high level of data protection,
    previously used only by government agencies, is
    now accessible to ordinary people.
    IDM will become a new integral attribute
    of each person’s life – the same as an
    identity card.

    IDM is a service for ordinary people that surpasses state standards in the field of secure information storage.

    Data storage – post-quantum protection

    SIZE exceeds the AES 256 to 10 147 times

    As a result of the transition to a new level of data storage protection
    using SIZE technology ,
    consumers and businesses will no longer suffer losses associated with hacker attacks and
    identity theft. We offer a post-quantum digital data warehouse.