Ideal Data Memory (IDM) is a platform for the safe storage and exchange of data. Sale IDM tokens

Complete Protection from Quantum Supremacy

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Existing cloud technologies do not provide data security

The global economy loses $114 billion annually due to the cybercrime. In the first six months of 2017 the volume of leaked personal and financial data increased almost 8 times, from 1.06 to 7.78 billion records

  • Hacking and theft of personal data
  • Loss of data
  • Hardware hacking
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Protect your information today and tomorrow

In the foreseeable future quantum computers will be able to break practically all existing types of cipher. For this reason, it is vitally important to start solving the problem of future data protection today. IDM service has solved this problem

Secure data storage is a vital necessity

The highest level of data protection, previously available only to government structures, is now available to public. IDM will become the new important attribute of everyone's life just like an ID card

IDM is a public service with protection surpassing existing government standards for secure storage of information

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New era of secure data storage
Post-quantum protection by

SIZE is 10147 times better than AES 256

With the new level of data protection powered by SIZE technology, consumers and businesses will no longer suffer losses associated with cyber-attacks

We offer post-quantum data store

— Ideal Data Memory


$287,820 billion

The overall volume of the global market
for cloud services, as of 2018


The most important criteria
for consumers when choosing a cloud service

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Architecture of

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Advantages for miners

High profitability
Calculated remuneration
is between $4 and $5 per month
for 50Gb of leased memory

Commercial appeal of the project

Well-elaborated development plan
and vision of the future

  • Detailed market vision
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial plan
  • Project implementation strategy
  • Understanding of consumers
  • Competitive strategy

Experienced project team

  • Developers
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Financial analysis

Existing product

  • Existing product and patented SIZE technology


licens №1 licens №2

Unprecedented security of data storage with

  • IDM has developed
    a secure cloud service
    for storage and transmission of data
  • Our unique service
    is ready to use


Project team

  • Iskender

    Inventor of the algorithm. Cambridge, UK. Former student of Zhores Alferov, the Nobel Prize winner

  • Erkin

    Inventor of the algorithm. Zug, Switzerland. Formerly a researcher at the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences

  • Tony

    Chief Strategy Officer. Zug, Switzenland. Head of Development Department "Equivalence" AG

  • Drs. Daan

    CEO at EMG Group BV, a consulting company. The authorized supplier for the United Nations. Expert sustainability

  • Naviin

    Team Leader Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ICO Advisor Blockchain Expert

Project adviser

  • Howard

    BOULT WADE TENNANT. London, UK, Partner. Certified patent attorney, the European patent attorney and the European attorney in the field of design at High Tech and Electrical Group

  • Victoria

    A patent attorney at BOULT WADE TENNANT. London, UK

Service powered by patented algorithm

The management and founders of IDM have a vast experience in development of data security systems, management and business
Equivalence AG, founded in 2012, presents a patented algorithm
The service launched in 2015
Post-quantum protection SIZE 23 patents obtained to date

Token distribution

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2700 000 токенов

Количество токенов выпускаемых токенов

200 000 токенов

Количество токенов выпускаемых на fICO

2500 000 токенов

Token distribution

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