What do we look for when we go to a casino? What’s the first thing that hits our eyes. Is it the bright blinking lights of the slot machines, or the exquisite décor of their lobbies? It’s the sweat breaking table games that have everyone on their feet. So here are some of the best and most popular casino table games, you’d want to give a try.


Blackjack is one of the most renowned table game of all time. It’s been featured in movies, and actually championships. It requires a great deal of skill and intuition. It’s not as difficult as it looks, but will keep you on your feet. Each person is dealt with three cards. Those cards need to amount to twenty-one or less. Winner takes home the cash! It’s personally one of my most played casino game due to the constant suspense.

Fun Fact! Blackjack also goes by the name ”clubs” or ”spades.” Researchers are still unsure where this game’s origin derives from. However, many are assuming that it might be Spaniard due to a reference found in Don Quixote’s books ”Miguel de Cervantes.” While others are saying that it originated from French called ”Vent et Un”. This game has been played by many over the years. It dates back to The 1700s from what researchers are assuming. But either way, it holds a ton of history and great memories.


Poker is one of those games that require strategy and luck. If that’s you’re speed then this might be the right game for you. There are so many ways to win. So it starts with 5 cards per person. You have one chance to change up your cards. After that, you show them and determine who wins depending on their hand. Winning hands are straight, flush, larger numbers, triples, and sometimes doubles depending if your opponent has a losing hand. Chances of winning are a bit higher depending on how many people are playing.

Fun fact, studies assume that the suits worn on the characters on the cards originate from ancient civilians from China, Egypt, Korea, and Persia. The word ”Poker” comes from the German term ”Pochen” meaning to bluff. After years of skills and adaptation, people have begun creating new techniques such as ”poker face”. As the origin of the name ”poker face” is a tactic to bluff your opponent or falsely steer them to your intended direction. That way they buy your bluff and potentially lose the game.


Another game of chance, but this time it’s based on patterns. Roulette is French for ”little wheel.” You make bets on various numbers and colours as well as sections of the board. For instance, you can bet black, 8, and 2nd 12 (which means the 2nd row of 12 numbers). The more numbers and colours you bet, the more likely you are to win. Sometimes you can double your bet or even triple it, making your win value increase.

Fun Fact! Did you know Roulette was invented by a French physicist? His name was Blaise Pascal. He intended to develop a machine to study its motions and study its odds. However, he failed in getting accurate answers for each spin. This, becoming one of the most popular table games of all time.


Craps is one of those games that I’ve often seen ”big shots” play in movies. It’s usually played in the casino or the streets. You bet on the outcome of the numbers that you guess. There are many ways to play craps. Everyone has their version of craps. The traditional way is to guess and you win if you guess right! It’s pretty simple but requires lots of luck and intuition. People often study the movement of the throw as well as patterns that appear often.

Fun Fact! The game craps were actually invented by Romans who used bones as dice. It goes back to several thousands of years. Another origin that it’s assumed to come from was the Arabic culture. They have a similar game called “Al Dar” which translates to “The Dice.” Later on, in the years, the game was introduced to the European culture where they adapted it to their own.

There is so much history with every one of these games. Each of them has their own stories and origins. But one thing is for sure, they are super fun and enjoyable. There is a reason why they still live on till this day in our casinos. Of course, there are a ton more table games you can choose from. These choices, however, are the ones that people are drawn to the most. They all have the same things in common. They are interactive, fun, full of suspense and you get a great win out of it.

So whether you’re a poker man or a blackjack lady, any one of these games is my go-to. They keep you on your feet and hey if you don’t win. At least you had fun. Like Kenny Rogers said,” know when to walk away.” Bet smart and play easy. It’s best if you don’t bet so much because your losses may be high. However, if you win, then your earnings will be substantial. There you have it, folks, my top 4 most popular casino table games. Enjoy and have a great time my friends.